What we believe

Have you been thinking that it's time to explore Christian faith? Have you been wondering what happens in church on Sundays? Well why not take a look at this video on the Church of England website What we believe and come along to a service. We are a friendly bunch, and we would be happy to talk more about what it means to believe in Jesus.

Have you been thinking that you'd like to learn more about prayer? Why not take a look at these ideas about how to pray and give it a try How to Pray

Have you been wondering about how to live out your faith? Why not take a look at these video stories Video Stories and come and talk to us.

We are here for you. We would love to talk to you about faith, prayer, and the spiritual journey. Do please get in touch with Revd Sue for a conversation, or come along to church on Sundays at 10am. Everyone is welcome at St Michael's. Whatever stage of the faith journey you are at, whether you are familiar with church or just looking, may God bless you.